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Open Ferret Podcast, 09/07/14

Here’s another edition of the Open Ferret podcast.  Hosted by Drunk Girls and during a semi-important football match (which we silently screened whilst performers each took to the stage), the podcast features performances from  Josh Murrison, Michael Webster, Liam and Aimee, 1.21 Jigawatts, Olly Taylor, SFA, Marcus and Jordan, Artur Lozowski and Kev.

I played cajon for Artur (after being persuaded to do so in a drunken conversation at GlastonFerret).

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The Ferret Open Mic happens every Wednesday at The Ferret in Preston, like us on Facebook to keep up with who’s hosting next and email me if you are interested in hosting or performing yourself.

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Open Ferret Podcast, 02/07/14

Every Wednesday I work behind the mixing desk of The Ferret’s open mic night, and it’s my pleasure to see a variety of performers each week, as well as selecting the night’s guest host. Last night I recorded the sets from the mixing desk and have compiled the best performances of the night in this podcast which you can hear here:

If you use iTunes you can subscribe to the podcast by clicking here.

Last night my friend Liam Blake was due to host, however he contacted me in the afternoon to explain that he’d been up all night with what can best be described as ‘man-flu’ so wouldn’t be performing. So instead I hosted, opening up the night with my version of folk standard ‘Long Black Veil’, which you can hear on the recording above.

Also featured on this weeks show are Josh Murrison, Olly Taylor, Sam Weaver, Michael Webster, Drunk Girls, Charlotte Newman and Frank Patterson, who closed the night with some jazz tunes accompanied by yours truly on the Cahon.

The Ferret Open Mic happens every Wednesday at The Ferret in Preston, like us on Facebook to keep up with who’s hosting next and email me if you are interested in hosting or performing yourself.


“Theme for 19″ – a Dark Tower soundtrack

My former Johnny5thWheel&thecowards bandmate Richard Lomax is currently undergoing an ambitious project, in which he writes and records a tune per week for the whole of 2014.

For the 19th week it was thematically appropriate to begin work on a soundtrack for the ‘Dark Tower’ series of books by Stephen King.  Constant Readers know that the number 19 holds a special significance in those books.  Both ardent fans of this particular saga, a Dark Tower soundtrack is a project that Lomax and myself have discussed a number of times, so when I heard that he was going to be making a start my answer was simple… “not without me you’re not!”

He popped round one Saturday with the beginnings of ‘Theme for 19′, which forms a kind of overture to the soundtrack.  We discussed a few ideas, and listened to some Enrico Morricone, Roy Budd’s ‘Get Carter’ theme and (perhaps tellingly) Bernard Herrmann’s ‘Get Carter’ theme to get us in the mood, then set about recording some percussion.

bathroommusicIt’s strange trying to emulate a fantastical sprawling epic series featuring a desert wasteland whilst in one’s bathroom but we gave it our best shot; short of a mic stand I balanced my Samson C01 on the edge of my sink whilst I sat on the toilet to play the snare.

I played through the track three or four times on snare and various bits of percussion, and we relocated to the living room to edit and mix the track, which you can hear here:

I had a great laugh recording with Lomax once again, and look forward to creating more music with him, particularly if it takes place in the many worlds of Roland and his Ka Tet.

Find out more about Richard Lomax and his ’52′ project on his website here:   http://richardlomaxmusic.com/

New website

I’ve finally put together my new site here at www.andylyth.co.uk

The site will focus on my music, my work creating Star Wars action figures, the forthcoming Mansun convention and any other projects that I involve myself in.

I’ll also post some old stuff on the site too, old tracks I’ve recorded and any other bits and pieces that spring to mind.


Previously unheard Mansun Out-Takes

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been making plenty of announcements regarding the Mansun Convention I’m organising.

One of the special guests attending the event is Attack of the Grey Lantern studio engineer Ronnie Stone, who will be bringing with him a selection of previously unheard studio out-takes from the album recording sessions, ranging from isolated vocals and string sections to alternate takes of some of the songs.

He emailed me a small selection of the out-takes which are really spectacular, and a great find for a fan like myself!

More information on the convention at the Mansun Convention website at http://www.mansunconvention.co.uk

Firstname Frank Bass Drum

Firstname Frank – Knots

Me and Mark Barlow unearthed an incomplete recording of Frank’s and decided to have a go at finishing it; I had already recorded my accordion parts to Frank’s piano and vocals, and Lomax’s mandolin and glock, so all that needed adding was the percussion.

I started with the snare drum parts; a highly wound snare played with a brush in the verses, then heavily detuned and sticked in the choruses.  We added the bass drum separately, elevating it to give it more space for the choruses.  I added some cymbal work, providing some swells into the chorus, then discovering a metallic effect by circling the rim of a cymbal with the metal part of a bass drum beater.  Mark and I also added some backing vocals (‘mmmmm’) right at the end, and Mark produced this final mix.

Frank was suprised that we’d found and completed this track, but I’m pleased to report he is very happy with it!


Star Wars figures for Elbow

Back in June 2012 I combined my love of elbow’s music with my passion for Star Wars to create custom action figures to present to the band at their Jodrell Bank gig.

My sister was working at the event and was able to pass on the figures on my behalf, and the band were over the moon with the gift, so much so that they invited me to come and meet them backstage.  Guy Garvey is a genuine, lovely bloke, and it was fantastic to meet him and the rest of the band.

I had a huge suprise later on that evening, as the band chose to project images of the figures onto the huge Lovell Telescope, a moment which also was included on the DVD of the event.

Here’s a gallery of images of the figures themselves, followed by the clip from the DVD.  If you’re interested in a custom figure for yourself or as a gift, please click here.


JLJ Revealed!

Found a copy of a Jelly’s Last Jam DVD the other day, which contains a documentary called ‘JLJ Revealed!’.

Watching this all these years later it strikes me as being unintentionally hilarious and tragic, a bit like an episode of ‘That Peter Kay Thing’!

What were we thinking…

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